The Arabian Stud farm El Ameen breeds arabians of straight egyptian bloodlines. The breeding stock consists of a group of mares and stallions originating from the Serenity Arabian Stud farm, which is well renowned within and outside the USA.  The stud farm earned a worldwide reputation for outstanding quality through continuous success at horse shows, on the race track or at endurance races. Our horses have such famous ancestors like the US National Champion mare Serenity Sonbolah, the halter and performance champion Khofo, as well as racing horses like Mashour, Sameh and Serenity Ibn Khofo, who was never beaten on the race track.

Elegant movements combined with an extraordinary will to perform distinguish all Serenity horses. They are gentle and good - natured animals of honest charakter which are fond of human beings. They are the result of more than 30 years of consequent breeding.

The aim of our breeding is to conserve the asil arabian horse with its typical features, its supreme performance and nervous strength as well as its excellent riding qualities.

Experience our horses when visiting our farm close to the Expo city of Hanover

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Familie Heike & Lutz Petersen
Hubertusstrasse 25
31275 Lehrte OT Hämelerwald
Tel.: 05175 / 929 254  or  0171 5630 631
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